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Galleon-esque Trade ship recycling existing assets

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I sent an email however as of late I have not been getting responses through that medium of communication, so instead for the sake of certainty and public dispute I'll be putting this idea up on the forums and see if anyone agrees.

I've been thinking of this for quite sometime and have decided that since it'll be easier than having to create an entirely new ship and instead the devs will be using assets that they already have on hand and will have to make minimal adjustments to it (Depending on the way they implement it).
Instead of the "Wapen Von Hamburg" there would be a new cargo ship renamed the "Reichtum Von Hamburg" this is of course fictional but it would be a reasonably accurate ship, the Wapen Von Hamburg is the closest thing we have to a galleon and in reality it was a ship built to escort trade fleets during Hamburg's time of economic prominence however it only did this twice, now wouldn't it make sense that this ship could theoretically be refitted and improved to be a cargo ship? It has a VERY wide body (Thus more cargo space) and sits considerably high in the water, by "Refitted" i dont mean a permanent upgrade or anything like that, I mean a completely different ship blueprint that would instead be named "Reichtum Von Hamburg" which in english means "Wealth" or "Riches of Hamburg" which is a fitting name for a cargo ship.
At this point the name and fictional history and physical build of the ship seem to make sense, now how would the devs go about implementiing it? i see a few ways of doing this with the easiest way being this...
1. Recycle old Wapen Von Hamburg model in it's entirety with a few exceptions, I would have the gun ports on the two bottom decks closed or removed completely and keep the top two decks as defensive armaments while keeping the paint job and physical attributes.
Or if you'd like to go balls to the walls you could keep the model but remove the bottom two decks worth of gun ports completely, remove the decorative gold whales and change the stern decorations to something more fitting for a merchant ship. Then you'd want to change the entire ship to a Bark brown color and insert a Green stripe where the gold stripe is (Which would signify currency/wealth) to keep a sense of individuality on the ship. 
Now of course with this ship would be a whole new set of stats to go with it and I have put some thought into this comparing the Wapen Von Hamburg's current stats to the Indiaman and Here's a very basic set I've come up with, all of this is up for scrutiny.
Class: 4
Decks: 2, limits [6 - 9]
Cannons per side: 11
Maximum Speed (Default): 10.00
Turn rate (Default): 2.4
Sides (Default L/R): 4800/4800 Thickness (Default): 55                                                                                                                    KEEP IN MIND ALL OF THIS IS UP FOR DEBATE
Bow (Default): 1150 Thickness (Default): 28
Stern (Default): 580 Thickness (Default) 25
Hull (Deafult): 2650
Sails (Default): 4500
Rudder (Default): 126
Pump (Default): 245
Crew: 415 (min. 260) <--- I was unsure about this one, Indiaman has 380 and Wapen has 470 and I really didn't know a way to put more crew on it than the indiaman but significantly less than the regular wapen.
Hold: 32 slots, Max weight: 6000.0 <--- You'd need to change the Mark weight from 5000 to 10000, still not sure though if this is high or low enough.
I really hope the development team takes this to heart because I would really love to see a ship similiar to that of the 17th century "Treasure Galleons" in the game, Galleons were a huge part of naval history (With race built galleons being the main composition of the british fleet during the early 17th century) and to have this huge bulk that players could use to transport even more goods and would be an interesting enemy in battle.
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