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Intentional Griefing in Patrol Zone

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14 minutes ago, jodgi said:

It won't run anything for anyone. This is the least of anyone's problems, I promise.

I wish we would focus on avoiding 5v2 in patrols instead of worrying about the feelings of the top half of the top percentile players.

We won't even take anything away from them as they can go enjoy even worse odds on OW.

I know.. it dumbfounds me that people like @Banished Privateer who like BR limits in one thread for Event zones RoE, then likes arguments against BR limits in a different thread just because it's @admin opposing them.  Shameful amounts of hypocrisy.

I still would argue for taking these Events and their RoE away completely rather than continuing down the fools errand of trying to "fix" them. We should replace them with content that generates PvP opportunities in a much more dynamic way, and in ways that don't require "special" RoE to encourage people to fight.  People who want to fight will fight, people who don't will run. Entice people to fight but don't extort them to do so while encouraging bad behavior like @Lucky L by the imposition of silly RoE. It's simple really.

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19 minutes ago, AeRoTR said:

You are attacking 6 vs 1 and crying for the kiting, that I do not understand.

If ganking is a historical tactic, sure kiting is also one. You can only blame the game mechanics not Lucky.

btw, I love getting ganked in patrol. First it was annoying, but after some time I learned to live with it, and it helped me improve myself. In only one battle, I could do as high as 20k damage in Nassau , and 40k in a frigate on other patrols. And yes I have to kite, repair, fight, kite, repair,fight forever. Until a point when I think it is enough, and then I keep fighting to the end.

Thank you developers for giving me the opportunity. 

Still there should be BR limit, around 1,5 BR difference max as most of us agreed, which the devs do not seem to accept.

Yet this is completely irrelevant to the original post.  @Lucky L didn't even fire a shot, just sailed away to the far edge of the circle and then still continued to run.  He would have been better off without cannons to be honest. He admitted to not being there to help his "mates," he was there to be a pain in the ass. It's the same reason he doesn't allow port battles to close, for which there's also ample evidence. 

All that said, this isn't about wanting to exact punishment on the player. This is a question about mechanics and RoE more than anything else, and hence the conversation is productive.

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Captains, please avoid offtopic discussion in the tribunal, this is not allowed.

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4 hours ago, admin said:

You assumed it or you can provide a quote? 
Game rules concern only NA player in game not his/her steam accounts.

I guess you can say that I assumed it when you previously posted the link for the steam code of conduct.

Violating that code will result in Steam suspensions, since you linked it I figured that you brought it up for a reason. If you linked it for other reasons that are not clear then I guess I just don't understand. Cheers.

Edited by The Wren

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