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I think it would be too easy to switch perk setup depending on what you do.

For example I'm in a hercules with 1pods and carronades I dont need double charge or double shot, I switch to perks i got better use for.

When I am done I get in a bigger ship and switch perks again, or if i want to go trading I switch, when I'm done I switch again.


Personally I think it's fine, at least I cannot afford to keep switching perks to whatever is best for what I am doing atm.



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14 hours ago, Wraith said:

Like modules I think Perks should be set for each ship. Once you have a few thousand combat marks it's just meaningless clicking to reset them all the time.

true for you.  I only started at Xmas and I remember it was somewhat difficult to acquire 50 Marks.  And of course I barely knew how to use perks, so they were all wrong.  I really like the idea of setting them to a ship though.  Makes more sense than to the character.  Each class of ship has a different function, so of course it requires different perks.

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