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Upcoming Currency update Oppinion/poll

Upcoming Currency update Oppinion/poll  

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  1. 1. Is the new Currency Mechanic a waste of development hours that could be spent on more engaging mechanics?

    • Yes: I think This Mechanic is a good use of hours. I have enough Open World Content to keep playing.
    • No: I think This Mechanic is a waste of time. I Find myself becoming bored with lack of engaging activites to keep playing.
    • Neutral: I think I will have fun Testing this mechanic, But still wish I had more open world Content.

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I request we keep this drama free.
Please state opinions do not respond to others opinions.
If needed Open a separate discussion please

While I understand the want by @admin team to implement new currency mechanic. I believe it would be beneficial to the game and community to quickly provide more Activities to get me to sail out of port, and believe the new currency to be a waste of time at this current stage of the game.

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