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Alt-Farming and Green on Green

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Few minutes ago i saw in combat news the notification that player [RNON]LilLamp sank swedish player near Fort Baai. I was near Baai and decided to have a look. About 5 minutes later i arrived there, saw a battle and joined in the last seconds before battle closed.

When i joined there were the players:

[HHAS] Herr Nilsson
[RNON] LilLamp

Bothe where next to each other and had sails down. I thought it was boarding, but wondering how this could happen so fast. But ok i set sails and sail towards them. But both set sails and while the danish rattlesnake sails straigt away the swedish cerberus sailed in my direction. The swedish player rammed me and pushed to my side over minutes until the rattlesnake could escape.

I wrote them, that i think i got them alt-farming and LilLamp wrote:

"We´re testing what you get sinking bigger ship, not necessarily farming."

After leaving battle i saw that Herr Nilsson was recently killed, so i think he was the player who was sunk by LilLamp 5 minutes before ...

edit: sorry screenshots are not chronologically ...



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Investigation complete, captain Herr Nilsson is warned as intentional and sustained blocking of friendly ships without permission of the captain of a blocked vessel is not allowed.

Investigation of potential farming complete as well. Appropriate actions were taken.


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