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If you do not know this already - please keep in mind that if you have lost an item (ship or other stuff) due to technical faults or bugs you can expect compensation.
If we can establish that you lost items due to game bug, or technical fault by Game-Labs - you can get it replaced.
Examples of cases where we provide compensation:
  • Ship turned over and sank due to bug
  • Ship was lost due to server crash
  • Ship data got corrupted and it became unusable


How to report:
  • Please fill in-game report via F11 and include as much details as possible: description of a bug and details of lost item (in case it is a ship - wood type, installed upgrades, guns type). It will speed up investigation by a lot.
  • You can also send in-game mail to character "Ink" or create a thread in support section either in Steam or Game-Labs forum
Character or outpost deletion by your kids.
  • If your kids somehow managed to delete character or outpost, we can provide one time compensation of 1 ship and 1 item that you lost.
  • Please also send in-game report via F11 and include as much details as possible: character name or city with the deleted outpost, approximate date when it happened, ship and item you would like to be compensated.
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