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The Infamous [RNoN] Royal Norwegian Navy is Recruting DK-NO

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RNoN-Royal Norwegian Navy is Recruiting,

Firstly I wanna say the game is much better after devs f**** up with the large patch back for 1.5 - 2 years ago.

I just brought 10 players back too Naval Action and we need more recruits too build up our Guild-Fleet. We work hard now too get production and stable economy too do warfare in future. We are now seeking new players and old players too join our great community we are. We are representing The Forged Gaming Community where we are represented in Life Is Feudal and Naval Action. :) 

Our Goal

The Infamous RNoN is back, We will rebuild our clan and strengthen DK-NO too be great again as a Nation.

We have the story too go against RDNN rule back for 2 years ago, Cause we want too play how we want too play the game. NO ONE will ever decide over us how we going too play the game as Denmark-Norge Nation. We will cooperate and help eachother as a Nation. But we should help eachothers goals. Soo as RNoN's goal is too take ports from sweden firstly (Norwegians love swedes) <3  :D But if we wanna do that we need too fight as a nation. And help other guilds with other goals too get help from them in our goals of the game.


How i see soo far is that DK-NO is scatterd compared too back then. Thats what RNoN wants too fix. make DK-NO much more ports that we have.


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