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Pirates suffer from lack of unity, which i'm fine with as pirates are pirates and like to do their own thing. (Sadly the game requires us to be a nation at the moment) 

I don't think LV would help anything other than add more interesting characters to Nation Chat.

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He is coming!

Last time he was in he said "i know what u are doing now" sooner or later they will all find out. Guess its just a matter of time and money!

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6 minutes ago, rediii said:

Different to you I know how many players HAVOC has ;)

I know you still can't fill the needed BR for maracaibo, but neither can any other clan in this game right now. 

You try to grab every active pvp player from the game, but eventually you will see that with every new recruit you decrease the amount of content for the rest of your guys. 

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3 minutes ago, rediii said:

We cant even fill a 5k BR port

So whoever you are stop being scared.

My birds tell me you can and I am not scared, I just think about the health of the game.

Your clan will fall apart the second you dont have enemies to fight against and the only enemy you can fight right now is BF and that is only the case because every BF player uses Maracaibo as PvE-Capital, lets see who you want to attack after you got Maracaibo. You already showed that sweden is weak compared to your fleet, so whos next?

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18 minutes ago, Banished Privateer said:

Dutch is the new zerg and I heard HAVOC has about 150 members active, everyone unite against Dutch!

Yes, but they’re stealth Dutch.

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