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Can't Play game


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I have not been able to play the game at all. When I run the game all I get is the window bar you can see in the attached image. I can hear the game music playing so the game is running. I have tried the common fixes like getting rid of anti-virus software, changing screen resolutions, reinstalling the game and disabling optimizations and nothing works. I am looking for any suggestions to fix this as I have not seen this type of issue anywhere else.



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If you want to get it then if you faced that kind of problem then you will do one thing that is if you interested with it then you will do one thing by this you just go and visit with it and after that you will do it easily. For that my suggestion is that if you faced it then you will do one thing that is you will just reset the whole things after that you will be very helpful. For further mac uae just visit with it.

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