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BBC Radio adaptation of Patrick O'Brian's HMS Surprise

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From 2008. Available to listen to for the next 27 days.

Naval battles, political intrigue and romantic rivalry loom large in Patrick O'Brian's novel, set in 1804-5 in England, India and on the high seas.

Captain Jack Aubrey engages the Spanish at sea and the French on land - but falls victim to enemies at home.


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18 hours ago, seanjo said:

Recently revisited the Audiobook, read by Patrick Tull, will give this a once over though.

This BBC program is, to me, a set of fragmented vignettes from the book.   It was  fine for me to reminisce with while commuting and they do give the flavor, but aren't a substitute for getting to know the characters and follow the plots.  IMO.

I'm a few years from my decennial read through of the books, but I'll keep an eye out for an Audible offer I could use on some of Tull's audiobooks if you recommend them. 

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