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I’ve now been playing a few weeks. So far as the CSA. Played some battles on normal settings. Won a few lost more. Managed a draw. Just finished Antietam. I thought I was doing well. Held the objectives. Then was told to drive the centre of the Union troops at Dunker Chapel. No problem I thought ! Looking at their troops they had thrown everything and I still held it. Counter attack seemed a good idea. But - looking round to see which troops to deliver the attack. I realised I didn’t have much to use ! Had I a superior officer to talk to I would have said I was happy to make a counterattack and divide the union army. But could he please advise with what 😕. Must admit so far this has been my favourite battle. It looked as though I had held and now was the time to finish the Union troops off. Opps. Not quite what happened. But I really enjoyed it. (As I have the others). I will refight  it soon. Hopefully leassons learned. 

I have only just discovered this company. Until now have used Hexwar. Which is turn based. This is far superior and I’m hooked. My mind is thinking over my tactics already. Looking forward to having another go. It’s ok. Not looking for advice. I consider myself an experienced war gamer ! So it’s all part of the fun !

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On 4/1/2018 at 1:40 AM, Captain Jean-Luc Picard said:

Welcome here,

since you tried turn based civil war games i recommend you have a look at the hps simulations titles, but for real-time strategy civil war ultimate general civil war is definitely the best one around.

I second the comments of CPT JLP. This game is simply addictive. I have played both sides CSA & Union at Colonel, BG and working my way through MG as the CSA (using Johnny 13 mod) and I can't get enough of this game.


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