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I think patrol missions proved that many more people willing to PVP. 

So in these missions, we can see shop bought ships, as well as many special crafted, expansive ships. Everyone can compete, and more or less, there is some reward.

What if we can pull custom PVP missions from admirality.

Example, I am a Prussian. I pick my mission from admirality for some price, cm, gold etc. I select a port, may be KPR. I select my parameters, 3x3  ships , up to 5th rates or 1500 BR vs 1500 BR or 1000 BR vs 1500 BR (for %50 more reward?), or even I add a reward, 50 pvp marks / 100 cm / 500k gold. These all can be selected, some increasing reward multiplier. Reward is what you get from a normal pvp battle.

A mission is created just outside KPR and announced for British, I can select to enter with my group or wait for random guys from my nation. At the preset time Prussians and Brits meet at mission zone and join the mission. If mission pickers do not show in 15 min. they are defeated, it costs them the mission picking price.

Attackers approaching mission zone has invisibilty and can not attack others at this time only join mission. After battle ends, attackers has more invisibility than regular time.

This can give good pvp guys a good content, other than already coming to noob capitals and waiting for pvp, looking for noobs tagging npc, etc. It will prevent ganking, revenge fleets etc. Ships have to sail to mission, they have to carry repairs, most of ow pvp requirements needed, but both sides willing to fight.

So what do you think, can this proposal with future improvements work?

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Open world adios! If we continue on this path this game will lose its sandbox connotation and we can definitively eliminate the open world in favor of rooms where to define the battles in advance (world of tanks and co).

Please devs add content in open world and reduce the size of the map (or the numbers of ports)

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@MassimoSud now they assemble fleet sail to KPR, wait there 1 or 2 hours for somebody makes mistake / somebody brave or foolish to tag/ or a group of players attack them.

What if by picking a pvp mission they just announce their will to attack, customising it equal or they are lesser, so BRits now they are looking for fight and they will come,

What happens is no trolling around in a nonsense way for 1 hour. It is ow, they have to sail there, there is no circle, just fight or even run away.

I guess there will be many more battles, spending less time.

I do not want a lobby or circle of death, just may be real fights of navy captains, not a ganking, plundering fleet of low lives.

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