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Ok, so question for anyone that wants to crunch the numbers. 1 round of hull repairs should repair approximately 25% of your HP (so let's use 10000 side armour for round numbers, would be 2500 per side). 

Master Carpenters adds 5.5% (refit)

Carpenter Combat Reports adds 3.5% (book)

Expert Carpenters adds 2.0%

Steel Tool-box (1-3) adds 2.o%

Expert Carpenter (Perk) adds 5.0%

Total added is 18%. For the sake of argument (and best case) this means I can now repair 43% of my side (4300) per round, correct? What combination can I put together (modules, books, and perks) to get to ~70% per round? Is this possible? Should it be possible? 

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You can also use carpenters (1,5%) and the permanent upgrade basic carpentry tools (2%). That would make it 46.5 and more is not possible as for as i know. 

That's basically a good thing imo.

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