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Danish brig Lougen, 18 guns, 1792

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(that´s the second Lougen, built in 1805 and given to the norwegian navy in 1816, almost identical to the first one)







Length p/p :                      89 danish feet (94' 7'' according to british measurement)

Breadth moulded:           26'

Depth in hold:                  11' 6''

Draught aft:                     11'

Height of battery             4' 3''



18 short 18-pounders, 2 6-pounder chase guns

(The short danish 18s were longer and heavier than british 18-pound carronades and had a longer range. In use from the early 1790s till the late 1840s)


Sister ships:



Service history:




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1 hour ago, DeRuyter said:

Nice ship. Would need to carefully consider in game armament. Maybe 24 pdr carros?

that sounds about right, with 12lb meds or longs and 6 pounders up front. a fair looking 5th rate. It looks like there are a large amount of square rigs so it should be a better brig.

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With the addition of the herc I have realized how fun ships with few, but heavy guns are. A ship like this would be a fun light ship, and crew management could serve to balance it along with diminished DPS 

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