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Workaround for occasional ship control loss.

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Rarely some of you may experience a sudden complete loss of control of your vessel in battle.

This can happen very rarely in case of heavy packet loss: game loses connection to a server and cannot re-establish the connection. It usually feels like you have lost all control of the ship.

If you experience this in battle - please relogin to the game immediately. This will re-establish connection and you will be able to control a ship again.

We plan to add a visual indication of such connection loss in the future which will first show that you lost connection for some time and then drop you to login screen so you can quickly take action to return the control.

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Can you set it up where instead of the ship dropping sails, a simple AI will take over and keep it on course under current sail? (also for OW disconnects as well, ended up in a battle because I DC'd during a chase, luckily my ship was faster and I was able to get away).

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