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SALTP is Recruiting

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SALTP is looking for new players to join it's ranks in GB

We encourage players to enjoy the game and play in their own style.  But with the sole object of having fun.:)

Whether experienced or new to the game we promise that we will support you to play and this includes PVP, RVR, Trading, Shipbuilding and AI Open World Fleets and Missions.

We consider ourselves learners and will use our clan warehouse to help you replace the ships to play in the style you enjoy.

We regularly have players screening and participating in Port Battles whilst accepting that we are constantly learning.

One guarantee we can give is you will laugh - we are the least Saltiest Bunch you will meet.;)

If you have been reluctant to join a clan or if you want to join a clan where everybody accepts that they need to improve then come and join us.  Or if you have experience and think you can help us develop but want to move away from a more intense style of play then give us a try.  You might be able to help us develop.

We are on Team Speak and have 8 or 9 players on in the evening regularly.

Our aim is simply to make your game more fun.

All comers are welcome.


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It does not matter about about your rank.  We will welcome you and help you rank up.  Send me an email in game or if you see any other clan members let them know and they can chat to you about joining.  Good luck and hope you are enjoying the game :)

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