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Jib / Square Sail & Sail Force Multiplier


I'm looking for a source that lists % of jib and square sails for all ships, if there is one ( admin gave out some info about 4th rates in some patch notes but no complete list ). Also I want to know how to boost speed with sail force when heading beam reach ( around 90° ) ... I assume it depends on the ratio of % of jib and square sails on the ship but is there one force that generally has greater impact or doesn't adding pirate/spanish rig help much since it isn't up or downwind really?

Thanks ( if someone can answer this )!

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This is from like a month ago if I remember correctly, confirmation weither this is still up to date would be appreciated.

How to boost speeds with mods would require you to know speed at certain angles for all vesels and knowledge of how to calculate from there which is too much effort for me to even look at haha, sorry. Anyways, here is a list with speeds for those vessels at several angles.


Also here a confirmation would be nice.

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