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FUN PVP FOR EVERYONE in DLC NASSAU PATROL IN YOUR OP DLC SHIP, omg very very fun, keep giving us the fun !!!

Feels great getting ganked 2 vs 10 DLC ships( yes, ten morons from different nation who does not have balls to make even a bit fair fight, 6 spanish + 4 russian)

So this FUN is ENOUGH for me, ............ the patrol zones ( you can fill in the blanks with your imagination,  may be it is love, may be it is peace, who f... knows ?)

aside from DLC shits, thx for not adjusting the GANKING CANCER in the zones, also ....


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On 2/26/2018 at 6:49 AM, Hethwill said:

Maybe make battles 1v1 or equal BR vs equal BR. 

Since it’s limit to three ships I would limit it to 6vs6 fights.  The other thing could be any missions taken in the zone is a FFA fight anything go but I would still limit it to something around 12 players tops.

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A long time ago, I left pvp because of the ganking, I now have another toon on pvp and I notice that nothing has improved, until such time as those who participate in such boring antics stop, new players won't join, regardless of the trite attempts at making it more interesting. I don't know the solution to the gankers, but what I would like to see is maybe a small line of code inserted into the game that would neutralise damage when its 3+ players upwards picking on 1 player.

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On ‎2‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 12:26 PM, admin said:

Hello Captains

We already announced the changes that will improve the hostility missions and victory mark distribution in game, giving everyone equal footing. Individual port ownership will grant you victory marks and even owning one port will make your conquest efforts count. You will no longer be limited by your nation capabilities and your small clan can influence the conquest, and get rewarded even if you are the only clan in your nation.

Now it is time to improve pvp itself.

In one patch a new type of mission will be added to the game. This mission will completely change the mechanics and motivation behind progression and will route the player to one of the most fun and varied activity in the game.

PvP missions will reward player based on the damage he was able to inflict on enemy shipping. PvP missions will reward the player with ships, repairs and small amount of pvp marks. The goal is to remove gear fear from pvp and motivate fighting, not ship preservance. 

Example of the mission for the light frigates

La Mona Naval Patrol

  • Captain: Your task is to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy players shipping in the designated areas of the Caribbean. Running is discouraged, preservation of your vessel is not important! Assigned ships Cerberus, Renomme, Surprise.
  • Goal: Inflict 5000 damage on enemy shipping in the area.
  • Rewards: Random light frigate note, 30 rig repairs, 30 hull repairs, 250 rum, 5 pvp marks, combat ready upgrade, some money for fitting and guns.

The player will have to arrive to the designated area, damage enemy ships and probably sink as a result, but he will learn something. Of course due to 2.5x pvp xp bonuses he will be leveling up faster and such navy patrols will help him recover losses.

This feature will be further underlined by the fact that tutorial master exam will award the player with the M&C rank making him immediately useful + such missions will route him to the most fun activity in game. 



In fact, after some use, these patrol areas became no fun areas. Dedicated to ganking organized clans vs those who try do proceed as above written, and to Le Broken Shamec/Hercs for shallow water patrol.

Well tried, but fail.

Edited by Aquillas
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