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An alternative to pvp farming by the safezones

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Right now the RVR is limited in terms of possibilities to hostilities and port battle to conquer a port. The PVP on the other hand is focused a lot around safe-zones and a few neutral unconquerable ports.

Just a friendly reminder, this topic is not about the safe-zone.

What we are a currently observing is two different META with no real link between RVR and PVP, these are two different activities. What I would like to suggest is a new type of RVR / PVP activity which would be: Blockade.

Since we like historically accurate feature in Naval Action I do believe this type of battle should be implemented. This type of battle could be highly interesting for PVP players and or RVR players during the day.

How it would work:

  1. Blockade mission available in the admiralty
  2. players must go to the specified port and complete an hostility mission (either no port window, or a 6 hour window not crossing with the port battle window)
  3. once the hostility mission is completed, the port is blockaded. All commerce / production building / npc drops are stopped until the blockade is lifted
  4. to lift the blockade, the defenders must join a blockade battle within 1 hour. if they fail to do so, the port will be blockaded during 12 hours, and then granted a new chance to initiate a blockade battle.
  5. while blockading a port, attackers are in a very small safe-zone to avoid screening fleets. Clan owning the town has increased town management fees for this town and no tax collection during the whole blockade time.
  6. all resources normally dropped and generated by the town will be collected by the attacker admiralty and partially rewarded to the attackers when they stop the blocking. Beside some victory marks, combat marks, pvp marks, gold and some ships based on the blockade length in time.
  7. if the defending nation succeed to initiate a breakthrough battle, the attackers will have 8 minutes to join, or will be considered routed, and the blockade lifted.
  8. if the defenders fails to win a breakthrough battle in 48 hours, the hostility will be set at 100% and a port battle will be set to following day
  9. if the attackers do not join the breakthrough battle, they will suffer a 20% tax penalty on all national ports and won't be able to do blockade mission for a few days. (they also won't get the rewards, instead it will be dropped in nation capital)
  10. if a port battle occurs and is won by the defenders, the blockade is not lifted. the defenders is granted a right to attempt a breakthrough battle
  11. while blockaded, the defenders are in a small safe-zone within the docks bay

The battle:

  1. the battle will be in a small circle with it's size determined by number of players (2 times the size of a capture zone on a normal pb as a maximum size to avoid running. it has to be brawl battle)
  2. anyone getting out of the circle for more than 30 seconds is kicked out of battle considered fleeing
  3. battle ends when all members of one team are either dead or fled
  4. the battle remain open at all time on either side to have reinforcement joining
  5. defenders can't join battle once BR reaches twice the battle rate of the attackers (they can once BR go down with fleeing/dead people)
  6. minimum BR defender initiator of breakthrough battle must be 55% of the attacker (like in ow 13 santi tag 25 santi)
  7. the circle size diminish in size after every kill to avoid trolls
  8. if both team are still in battle by the end of the timer, the battle is a draw. Blockade remains.



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Has been suggested dozens of times before. Devs are confirmed working on "OW, missions and PVP". 
What they do we will see.

but in the meantime +1

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