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Working with the economy in what seems to be a fringe time zone (evenings, US Pacific) has forced me to get a better understanding of what ships actually cost to build.

I broke the Traders Brig down to minimum per unit material costs.  Excluding the option woods this appears to be the material cost percentages at the source level (craft).

Material (100%), not including option woods.
Oak Log    22.84%
Fir Log    17.37%
Stone Block    14.87%
Hemp    13.73%
Iron Ore    11.45%
Food Supplies    10.62%
Lignum Vitae Log    5.31%
Coal    3.82%

Of course the actual costs depend on how many buildings are controlled and whether the remainder is obtainable at reasonable contract prices or you are stuck at AI contract (4x production cost).  A build with fir options and controlling the top four buildings yields an estimated build cost in the neighborhood of 48,000

But I was very surprised by the low coal percentage.  Does this look accurate?

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18 minutes ago, Slim Jimmerson said:

Yes, coal is only used for maybe 5% of the iron requirement.

Thank you.  I was having trouble believing my math.  Which means I can absorb that at AI contract and it won't hurt much.

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