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I posted a question about this in the " Public "API" for Naval Action" thread in developer announcements but the topic appears to have gone stale.

Does current API data provide visibility for contract buy/sell prices?  It shows up on http://www.navalactioncraft.com  but that site does not appear to be currently maintained and is not displaying contracts on PvE that I know have been up for several days.

If the public API works is there a tool somewhere that a non-coder can download and run to get at the data?  I can handle csv files and spreadsheets.  But I tried to follow the instructions in the developer thread and I couldn't get anything to work.  The process is completely opaque.

I don't need anything sophisticated or pretty.  Just something that will cough a tab or comma delimited file without me having to figure out what a json is or how to read/modify it.

Or a functioning alternative to the craft site?

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