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Saving the 'Falls of Clyde'

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Falls of Clyde is the last surviving iron-hulled, four-masted full-rigged ship, and the only remaining sail-driven oil tanker. Designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1989, she is now a museum ship in Honolulu, but her condition has deteriorated. She is currently not open to the public. In September 2008, ownership was transferred to a new nonprofit organization, the Friends of Falls of Clyde, which intends to restore her. Efforts to raise $1.5 million to get the ship into drydock have not succeeded as of 2015.

The Friends of Falls of Clyde  is raising funds  to return the Falls of Clyde ship to its original home in Scotland for restoration. The group is seeking $350,000 to help fund the cost of shipping.
“Although the Falls of Clyde has been an important part of Honolulu Harbor history for more than 50 years, the ship is in danger of being destroyed due to lack of support and impoundment by the State DOT-Harbors Division,” said Bruce McEwan, president of the Friends of Falls of Clyde. “The Falls of Clyde was once one of the fastest sailing ships in the world and this national historic landmark may be lost if we are unsuccessful in reaching our goal.


Currently two new possible Sponsors have been found aiding in the Project yet more founding is needed.

She is not intended to remain a pure Musuemship but instead shall join the ever growing Cargosailing Fleet.



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