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o7 all,

This is my first post on the forum, simply because I prefer to read content rather than create it. However, when I discovered this alt farmer I decided I might as well out him to the rest of you guys, because I'm frankly just sick and tired of people cheating to make the game easier for themselves.

Quick background info before I show the screenshots; I'm on my normal schedule, hunting around Shroud Cay, when I see a US Rear Admiral (Named Below) and a Prussian Newbie ( Also Below) sail just west of the island together, so naturally I first assumed it was a one v one between a veteran and a cocky young upstart. However once I entered the battle (coming to aid the Prussian I might add) things got fishy. Mysteriously, every single one of the Prussian's volleys fell short of the US player, the latter of which was landing a few cannons (his aim wasn't stellar anyway). Once I began chaining the Rattler (US player), the Prussian felt compelled to start shooting me because I "wasn't Prussian"



There is a clear visual of the Prussian on his merc firing a volley into my starboard side




^This was me trying to get a confession




Once I chained the rattler down, I boarded him, and after a few rounds lo and behold the "Prussian" on my side pushes us apart and proceeds to fire another volley at me






I think there is enough evidence here to warrant action, but I shall leave that up to the staff. I have a few more screenshots that any moderator or staff member can message me for if they need more info.

Cheers all

I might add to clarify that in the screenshot with the extended chat window I was on the team setting so Jack Diamonds had no way of knowing what I was saying to "The injustice", however when I say to injustice that I am taking this to tribunal, it is Mr.Diamonds that has the response for me. I feel as though that is the confirmation.

P.S Forgive the FPS, this is on my work laptop

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