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Well, since we haven't found any blueprint of her yet, it is almost impossible to make a proper 3D model of her.

And by the way, regarding the name, her original name is actually "Stora Cronan". Which I think would be the correct name for her if she ever gets added into the game.

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Yea, the problem with alot of the pre-chapman designs is they seem to little to no design documentation left or if it is around i havent found it.

On another note, theres a few reasons sweden moved away from large flag ships anyway, they sat to low in the water. The coastal territorys of sweden are covered in islands fjords and shoals all of which make it very hard to manuever something that this large under normal conditions, nevermind while ur getting shot at.

At the end of the day Stora Kronan would have been better just being a ship of symbolism rather then actual war.

Also, nice thread necro.

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