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I should realy wanted to see this ship in the game. the swedish regalkseppet Kronan that was in that time one of the biggest ships in the world. It could have 126 cannons onboard from 6 to 36 punds cannons.



Build 1668, sank outside Öland in battle with denmark and holland. Of some reason they did remove some of her barlast before the battle so in a turn she did take in water in the lower cannon port and turn on the side and explode 1676. This ship had 850 men in the crew. I hade love to sail this ship in the game. 

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was sugested before but finding acurate plans for the hullshape is the problem.

some are cross refering dekoration and shape with the ,,Sovereign of the Seas,,

and as allways in the time it would take for the devs to finish her we would have atleast 2 new frigates or 74gunners

but i still like her



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was sugested before but finding acurate plans for the hullshape is the problem.


Maybe devs can guesstimate what the ship will look like and design with partial fantasy in mind. Not that it means every ship will be completely fantasy but it seems likely that most of the ships will be missing important details so I see no reason why they cant make up part of the design as long as it stays true to the ships original details.

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Well. I guess I simply have to order the book where I have seen the plans and take photos of it. i have seen detalled blueprints from the time and from today. I live 30 km from the museum where the remains of Kronan is shown.






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was sugested before but finding acurate plans for the hullshape is the problem.

some are cross refering dekoration and shape with the ,,Sovereign of the Seas,,

and as allways in the time it would take for the devs to finish her we would have atleast 2 new frigates or 74gunners

but i still like her


I did a little digging just for a goof and while its still a strech here are some numbers and figures.









This is the models the museum has on display.



  • The length of the ship is 53 meters at the waterline and 60 meters total
  • The width is 13 meters
  • Her draft is 6.2-6.3 meters
  • The height of the ship was 66.3-4 meters from Keel to the main's peak
  • 2200-2300 tonnes

That gives us some rough dimensions for her overall size.


I was also found out that unlike many of her predicessors which were built similar to many dutch ships (a rectangular bottem with a small draft, which caused all sorts of stability issues. see Wasa/Vasa) She was built in layout that resembles that of English design with a rounded bottem and a larger draft.



Actual: 110



  • Eight 36lb
  • Eight 30lb
  • Ten 24lb
  • Four 24lb (Chaser 2-stern 2-bow)



  • Twenty 24lb
  • Six 12lb
  • Four 12lb (Chaser Stern)
  • Two 8lb (Couldent conferm the location of these but likely bow due to lack of room from chasers possibly)




  • Twenty 12lb
  • Two 10lb
  • Two 8lb
  • Two 6lb

Fore&Stern Castles

(Parot/Swivel Guns)

  • Sixteen 6lb
  • Six 3lb



500 sailors

300 soldiers



Kalmar County Museum -> regalskeppetkronan 'The Warship Kronan' (Their portal to all things Kronan)

Wikipedia -> Kronan (Ship)

Google Docks -> Francis Sheldon


Anyway, hope we can maby see this awsome ship in game one day, was a little sad to see it had been left out of the players choice pole. But heers for being hopeful, if I dig up anyting els on it i'll be sure to come back.

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the model looks way to clumpsy than how she is show on pictures.




The only problem I have with that, is I have no idea when that picture was painted. Is it in 1676-1700? If it was a recent re-creation at that point it becomes intierly the artists interpritation.

The only picture I was able to find that was anything close to the time the ship existed in is




Which is claimed to be painted by Danish artist Claus Möinichen in 1686.


However there are two problems with this aswell.


First the painter is Danish and when a major victory happens (like this) the common practice of the time was to spruise up the paintings and works that where created to document it, for instance look at the size of Kronan she was a big vessel, but those 2 ships surrounding Svärdet are supposibly the Dutch and Danish flag ships Christianus Quintus (76 Guns) and Churprindsen (80 Guns) Theres no way she could be that much bigger then those two ships. Unfortunatly I can't find out much els about these two vessals as it seems they have been lost in the analogs of history. She was likely sized up to appear as more of a threat and to make it seem like the allies had achieved something greater then it may have actually been (sense they really had no part in her sinking).


Second the painting is somewhat inaccurate? While it states that it took nearly 2 hours for Svärdet to surrender, Kronan sunk in a matter of minutes from the exsplosion that ripped a hole in her hull, however Svärdet still seems to be in combat at the time of the painting, and it was recorded that she was forced to cut around the hull of Kronan to avoid a collision which is how she got seperated from the rest of the swedish fleet and surrounded. So its possible thats somewhat accurate, however its unlikely that it was anywhere near that close in reality.


While it would take a little strech of the imagination to decide exactly what dimensions she should have, that model and the diagrams givin are undoubtly the best resource for the diameters of the ship, as they are based on what was found of her remains.


I've also contacted the Museum to see if they have any helpful drawings or diagrams that they might be able to share (I'd try to do some 3D modeling but im not great at it)

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Well, the Wasa is a good mid-sized fit for a swedish navy, svärdet is a nice ship aswell, and we would probibly benfit from having all 3.


On the otherhand I really hope we see the Götheborg in game so i can do a bit of pirating in it.

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Some more digging (Had to search the Swedish version of the museums website) and I was able to find this. Seems to be some actual documents for the ships construction. Unforutunatly The picture is a bit grainy and I have contacted the museum to see if they had a better one available and have yet to hear back.



I've been paying special attention to the Rib layout on the right, if somone could scale the length at the waterline of the actual ship. you could technically get dimensions for the rest of the ship from it, however Im not that good at math.

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Wind, I linked the same pictures above aswell, however I havent been able to get an awnser from the museum on if that model is actualy 2 scale of the real ship :/

Sorry did not see it. I am looking for ship plans, but no luck yet. Had more luck with this one:



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I've searched quite exstensively on the ship, however it seems if anyone knew anything additional on this ship it would be the Kalmar County Museum or the Riksarkivet (National Archives) however using/contacting either seems to be a bit difficult seeing as I'm not Swedish.

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Swedish warship drawings are most likely either at the national military archives (Krigsarkivet) or at the museum of maritime history (Sjöhistoriska muséet). Krigsarkivet has a searchable database over their drawings, which you can see here: http://sok.riksarkivet.se/digitala-arkiv?Arkivsok=marinens+ritningar&Lan=0&Arkivtyp=Alla&EndastDigitaliserat=false&page=2&postid=Arkis+71971c9a-e6b2-46f6-aba6-cc9217c9a153&tab=post&FacettState=undefined%3ac|&s=TARKIS08_Balder


Kronan is in there but the only drawings of it seems to be ones of small parts (figurehead, stern gallery etc).

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Well actually that might be helpful, A good impression of exactly what ornimination she has would be great for getting a solid design down.


I'm not exactly sure how to use this website effeciently however, It seems to just loop me around in circles. Is there something I need to do in order for it too display pictures?

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Still keeping an eye out for any sort of Info for this ship, and I happened to stumble across this, It is aparently a re-creation of what the stern decoration of the Kronan looked like as shown by period work from Claus Moinichen, It was originally depicted as just the starboard side, as it was being compared to SotS. But I was able to Crop and mirrior it to create a image.


To note: That center pillar on the on the railing, is just a large lantern. But it was drawn diffrently then the other two and hence looks a little wierd, but its a lantern.




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