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Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

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Top sections could be balanced so that those can take 2 hits from big cannons without breaking down.

Right now Pirate Frigate top section has 90 hp.  12pd long cannon damage is 49 and can penetrate from +750m.  2nd hit from 12pd cannon takes the top section.

If you take Edinorogs, 61 damage.  For top sections to last 2 hits, that would be 61X2+1 = 123 hp

42pd long damage is 60, 32pd medium damage is 60.

To give some change for smaller ships, mast wise, I don't think that would be bad at all.


Speed wise smaller ships should have an advantage.  This is pretty much because else you don't leave them room to stay in the end game.  You take hull hp, you take hull thickness, you take masts, you take speed?

Trinc and Endymion both have excellent speed and smaller ships than these have the same or lower speed.  Smaller ships have less firepower, have less hull hp/thickness, way weaker masts..  You should leave something for small ships.

This is also important when new players join the game.  Before they get enough rank to sail big ships, they will be in small ones naturally.  If you would increase speeds from Renommee to 180BR ships, it can be that these new players would have a role and feel useful sooner in their PvP careers.

You may say it would be unrealistic and that big ships were equally fast, depending from wind conditions.  In this case you probably should go gameplay first and bend realism a bit.

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