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Vanishing Repairs

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I had a battle today, my Endymion vs. a Trincomalee. During the battle my computer crashed. When I loaded back into battle, I was heavily damaged (the other player shot me while I was gone) and all my hull and rig repairs had vanished! I left port with 50 hull, 60 rig, and around 300 rum. When I got back into the battle after the crash, I had 0 hull, 0 rig, but still had the ~300 rum. During the battle I had used 1 hull repair (should have used 8 of the 50 hull reps), so I know I didn't leave them all in port. 

I ended up being sunk, as I had low sails, armour, and crew.

After I sunk, the enemy player kindly checked my wreck, and saw that I had 42 hull, 60 rig, and what was left of the rum (~200) in my hold. It was there, but I was unable to use it for some reason. 

I would appreciate being compensated for this ship, as I wouldn't have lost it without this repair glitch. 

I reported this in game, but I want to add extra screenshots here.

My point of view - Notice how it says 0 hull and 0 rig.


Enemy point of view, after I had sunk:


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Captain, this is a known issue, which is still being investigated. Thank you for the report and details.

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