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NA-L Does the Surgeon Buff work for Boarding?

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@slik or @admin or anyone that may know...


The Surgeon Officer, does it work in boarding actions as well as battle? The BASE unit says “Crew Resistance +5%” with +2% M-Fee.




In the image above, first enemy attack is Fire Grenades and scores 113 Crew kill. If I had the BASE Surgeon would it be 108 crew killed (113 less 5) instead?


Many thanks



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You received 76 views on this and not one person knew or if they did, bothered to respond. Not a player or moderator knows the answer...that is a real problem. I'm answering, not because I know the answer (I don't) but more because I hate to see a question just floating here for three days without a response...makes the forum look pathetically empty (which of course it is.) They need to do a much better job explaining what things do. Along with the surgeon, I wonder what exactly stunsails and staysails do, honestly what the hell do they really do? There isn't a description or explanation. So I'm sorry I can not answer your query as to what exactly the surgeon does and its a real problem that no one else can either.

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Thank you for the response at least. Was thinking I wasn’t liked by our community. In all fairness it’s a hard question to know. My findings so far, I’d say NO it doesn’t help while in the Boarding Action Mechanic.

Roughly speaking, the staysails add speed against the wind while dropping speed with the wind. Useful for a slug who’s tough to turn through irons. The Stun-sails have the opposite effect. If used on fore-and-aft riggers like Cutter and Pickle they’ll help with wind issues. Never Put them on together.


Norfolk nFriends

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