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Customized formations of infantry and cavalry.

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    I wanted to start this discussion in hopes that we could actually get this feature into the game: Customisable formations of infantry and cavalry.For example,line infantry formations currently don't really represent reall Civil war lines.

From UG:CV:


Notice 3 by 3 lines in brigades on the first picture,which actually doesn't makes sense considering that real Civil war lines were actually 2 by 2 (at least on regimental level,I know that in game we mostly have brigades),one main 2 line formation and 2nd as reserve one, like in these pictures:



Looking at these charts,it actually reminded me of older UG: Gettysburg which actually depicts line infantry formations in such manner:


This brings a question why did developers choose the first one in this game if they already had correct ones in the older game? Similarly,we also had correct marching columns which they swapped for 2 big lines marching side by side, which boggles me.So,I would like to propose Customisable formations option in which we could choose correct marching and combat formations.2 by 2 formation could actually increase the firepower of the brigades,not to mention other benefits and authenticity of the game.What is your opinion on the matter?

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31 minutes ago, Fred Sanford said:

My guess is that it's simply aesthetic.

Well,it could actually be improved,not to mention that they could have simply imported same system from older game.And that formation is actually wider than current one, allowing bigger firepower of the brigade,but harder to maneuver.

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what i find interesting is the fact that this 2 by 2 regimental formation is practically same thing as French 4 ranks Line deployment from 18.century.. it had same amount of firepower with 2 ranks serving as reserve..  seems to me like a quite a waste of manpower as 50% of men will not use weapons at all.. Such a thing would make sense only at confined battlefield where many other units are present and therefore regiments cannot by fully deployed, yet even then i think it would be better to fully commit smaller number of regiments in line deployment and keep full regiments in reserve for outmaneuvering or replacements.



anyway, 3 by 3 deployment looks closer to Napoleonic wars, where infantry was usually formed in 3 ranks, and sometimes you would have regiment marching with battalions deployed in line one behind the other.. yet, marching regiment like this is not very effective, as battalion itself is quite long if deployed in 3 ranks.. which is why usually regiments marched forward with either double division column (2 companies) or single division column (single company)


Yet of course, even French who used columns a lot, never charged in actual column.. at Waterloo for example, last charge of Imperial Guard,  Middle Guard Battalions marched as column, but when they received enemy fire, they deployed into lines and exchanged musketry fire and charged forward. They even managed to break through first line, but were repulsed by British reserves, and countercharge.

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