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Danish-Norwegian declaration of defiance!

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(First off - this is MEANT as a RP piece so if you guys can't keep true to form you can hello kitty off somewhere else)




The great danish-norwegian governor-general Christian Siegfried Gyldenlöwe hereby solemnly declares:

"In the light of the recent carribean-wide events, and in full knowledge of the darkness that is slowly decending over the ports and peoples of the carribean, the danish-norwegian nation declares that we will fight these cossack rables whereever they may be! Their embarrasing use of deceit and treachery to avoid a battle at Aguadilla has done nothing to quelch the fires of defiance that now embody every danish, norwegian, icelandic and faroesislanders hearth and soul" he said as he took another deep puff on his havana cigar. "Trade *puff* *puff* will flow as vividly as allways" he added.

It is believed that the russians has bought the french cowards of the former ACN clan, now of the VCA of the former great nation of La France.

"What has really been disheartening, has been the low depths the former french friends has sunken to. I hold the ideals of the republic, Egalite, Fraternity et Liberte, in such high regard. And the very culture and history of this once great nation has always been close to my hearth - only to see them so dastardly betrayed by their own les citoyens. Truly a dark day for all mankind in these waters" he sighed whilst puffing on the cigar.

The Governor-General has now called for a carribean-wide (wo)manhunt on the treacherous sea-captain called CASSARD - 1000 casks of rum and the finest cotton sails as a bounty!

"But now" he continued.. "in this our darkest moment, we will to the world - and the carribean in particular, declare that we will fight this scurge of cowards and traitors! We will fight them in the hills, we will fight them in the seas.. We will fight them from the ports of liberty and we will never back down! never surrender! never bend a knee to tyranny and greed! And we will prevail, we will conquer and we will defeat them in the manner most appropriate gentlemen of the seas - in contested battles not being won by treachery in the night!

To the carribean possesions at the moment under the oppresion of the cossack hordes we state: The night is darkest before the dawn, and though the winter seems cold and as if it will never loosen its grip - Look towards the east and we will come! Look for that crimson and white, the cross that will bear the sign of liberty to all!"





Christian Siegfried Gyldenlöwe

Et à nos amis français


La chanson commence à 3:12

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The Priest looked out the window, what was the noise on the street. he left his desk and walked to the window and opened. He saw a boy who ran up the street an shouted. "The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming."

The priest called the boy to him. "Why are you saying that the Russians are coming?"

"Because I didn't eat my vegetables last night. Mum says if I dont eat my vegetables, then the Russian come".

The pris smiled and gently padded the boy on his head. "You should do as your mum says. All good boys do, but don't worry about The Russians. They can't come here. Oure live will be as it always has been".

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6 hours ago, Cornelis Tromp said:

(Or is it?)

(lol this must be the most unintelligeble post I've read in a while.. And btw this thread was meant as RP, if all we do to avoid creating some stories is to parafrase our sentences then.. well)

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