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As the admin as recently shown, forged papers are going to be changing to a DLC content soon and that Poland is currently the smallest nation in the game. We are fine with being the smallest. What we need though or what I should say is what we are looking for is active experienced players to come join our nation. We are getting new players in every week but these are brand new players to the game or from PvE. What we are looking for though is players that can create an impact right away.

What would be a dream is for at least eight to ten guys from another nation together and form their own clan. That clan would be treated as an equal of course just like PFK treated HOST as an equal when they first joined slightly before the merger. We are looking for individuals that are of course experienced as I stated above, able to abide by our current politics, which is currently very open compared to most factions it seems, and are able to compromise with the others when it comes to future political endeavors. We are a united faction and plan on staying as such because we understand that if divided Poland cannot stand. Loyalty to the faction before the clan. 

I do want to be honest though and not deceive you by saying that Poland is the perfect nation. Poland is not easy. Far from it. You have to be resourceful, prudent, and steadfast. Poland is definitely for players looking for a challenge that other nations including Prussia and Russia cannot provide in their current states. You also cannot let defeat knock you down. You must dust yourself off and get back at it. It is frankly, part of the appeal of playing Poland. The challenge. 

So please if any individuals or clans that are looking to create an instant impact on a nation, looking for a new place away from the clutter of their current large nations, away from pointless constant internal drama, or are up for a new challenge then please join Poland. You will be very much welcomed and be treated as an equal.

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Hear ye, hear ye! We, collectively known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, are always welcoming players from all walks to join our ranks. Be ye a stalwart defender of the ports or a sneaky and speedy trader/smuggler, or even a daring rogue who dashes out to the high seas in search of loot and plunder. We try to abide by a simple motto, that these seas be a wonderful, tranquil escape where ye can find pleasure to your own contention. Whether that means watching the seas run red, or escaping at dusk while you scan the horizon. As the esteemed Davos and the fearless Iroquois have mentioned, we will gladly accept all those who wish to call this place a home, as that is, in itself, what we've made it.

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I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To cap them is my real test
To sink them is my cause
I will travel across the sea
Hunting far and wide
Each filthy Brit as they all flee
The power that's inside


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Couple Battles Poland did this week while out hunting or defending. We may not be the most dominant PvP force out there but we are hardly a bunch of carebears. We go out and hunt and defend what we see as our waters when we can. We always have much respect to PvPers that are better than us and the PvPers that are still honing their skills. We learn and adapt. It is the only way to survive as a small nation. Stay stagnant and die.





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That was fun indeed :) and yes - AI is now terrified as well ;) That was a fun day in general, I must admit :)

btw. this fleet appeared on the open world as 2400 BR.... :) Bellona is 400 BR, and there were 10 of them in that fleet. Obviously there is something wrong with BR calculation mechanism.

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10 hours ago, Frederick the Great said:

The proud Kingdom of Prussia is not afraid of your puny nation.


46 minutes ago, König von Preußen said:

What is this?? Another pretender?? Away with you imposter!

Seems we have the makings of a battle royale..


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Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła,
Kiedy my żyjemy.
Co nam obca przemoc wzięła,
Szablą odbierzemy. 


.....although it may be too late, as many Polish captains are no longer fighting for their Homeland

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