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CSA chancellorsville

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I am playing Chancellorsville as CSA on BGlevel


I have like 80K men but the game only lets me do two corps, so maybe 60K.  The Union is coming with like 75K


I tried to attack everything the first time and got defeated.  I tried and got a draw the second time but still did too much attacking in the 2nd day.


Now I am thinking of pulling an 1864 and just sit on my ass on the first day, smash Howard on the 2nd day, then just camp out and make them all die and go fro the draw with as few casualties as I can.  Is that a good idea, you thnk?

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Any of the campaign battles in which your side won in real-life history, you must always consider trying to emulate what worked.  You have got some pretty good numbers for the Confederates at BG level, so I think it should be doable.

Day 1 - don't do nothing, but stay on the defensive.  Move up through the woods to get the best firing line possible (into open ground is best), anything up to the edge of the big opening around Chancellorsville.  Do not attack past that point no matter what, but make sure that the Union will actually attack you.  Cheaply knock off 5 or 10 thousand of them at a cheap KDR while you can.

Day 2 - by all means smash Howard.  But don't attack any farther than you can keep flanking them and keep the KDR in your favor.  Likely this means knocking the Union back to the main Chancellorsville fortifications but not attacking those.  Also make sure to engage your eastern forces in a repeat of Day 1 (this will involve a lot of multi-tasking.  Do not be afraid to pause liberally or even play at half-speed).

Day 3 - now, and only now, go on the all-out offensive.  Pick your points, try to flank, use cover to your advantage....the works.  And you likely will take heavier casualties today than in the first two combined.  But getting the outright win instead of the draw should be worth it, IMO.

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