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throwing ideas here and there

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I have started the game not even a month ago, and I may say I find it grand!

Since it is in development and part of the point of playing game in such state is to assist with the evolution of the game I figured I would throw some ideas.



I like the fact you have some diversity here with poundage and class, though, I would love to see materials difference such as iron / bronze and such coming with different price and risk.

bronze: heavier but less risk of burst

iron: lighter but high risk of burst



In battle you lose both men and canons, but that is only until repairs are applied.

I don't see how a disabled canon would be repaired from hull repairs. Thus disabled canons should not be repaired in battle and should be replaced by new ones after battle. (improved realism and good for economy)

Men lost in battle should cause XP knowledge loss on the ship after battle. (veterans died, you must train new ones)

I'd like to see the implementation of canons temperature. High temperature would cause risks if fired. The gauge could be colors on the reloading animation.


Combat missions / IA fleet / safezone:

Have combat missions closed right away without allowing people to join it.

IA fleet, make anyone joining be on player side. I say no more to the spanish / british scum of the sea getting their pvp marks in dirty ways.

Remove safezones and reinforcement. I am a new player and find these zone harming the game. Populations of players are all in their capitals, majority of map is not used.

There is more security in dispersion I feel. It would force players to spread over the map and pvp player to actually hunt instead of camping safezone.



Manage the guns as wished not only by decks. For instance let's imagine one deck can host 13 guns, that is a maximum value, maybe I would consider 10 to be enough and have a weight gain.

Carrying repairs is good, but I would love to see people have to manage magazines and ammunition. Thus including those in crafting as well.

Also I suggest removing double ball from perks, as it is an ammunition type and replace it by heated balls (increased chances of setting fire on enemy ship).

New crafting items on workshop:

  1. steel balls :ph34r:
  2. chains
  3. double balls
  4. grapes
  5. canister
  6. fire arrow
  7. bar shots / expanding bar shots

Magazines size would increase risks of explosions / fire or cause the ship to have very limited amount of broadside in a fight.

So maybe for start you would only put your amo and magazines in cargo and the right quantity would be available in battle, or a section like equipment on the ship UI would be dedicated to these things. But the battle impact would be tremendeous, don't bring enough chains / bar shots and you might be outrunned, on the other hand load you magazines with powder on a fireship to increase fire / explosion chance and radius!

I would love for people to be able to set fire to their own ship for fireship instead of relying on luck and wood type, given they skilled fireship of course.



Buy contracts for ships.

Implement a feature of something we have on the forums: Merked by the black spot

It could be part of missions, either generated randomly by ia or by players.



Implement diplomacy, not only internal realm but external realm as well.

Grant bonus to clans members in town they captured. (reduced labor hours needed for crafting, increased production, no taxes, cheaper building costs and production costs)

Clans owning a town should decide who can enter by realm or clans or ship type. For instance say i want no French in port, No Russian but Pirates are ok, except for this clan, this clan etc...

Basically divide nations and allow clans to work together.

Hostilities if remaining as they are should not be impacted by port battle opened window.

Grant traders the possibility to run the colors they wish when they leave a port.(can't change it in OW)


I very much like the idea given by Hachi on another topic as well for dedicated towns producing elements for rare mods.

These towns should be spread over the map to cause fight for it.


Those are just some ideas and I have more I should give later.

But so far, great job on the game developers. I really liked the last hotfix btw. Maybe we can see an increased number of wood type used for crafting ships in the future as well.

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