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22 minutes ago, Jon Snow lets go said:

I know there was a topic for this before, cant find it tho.


WTB Bellona classic white paint - 5 PvP marks


PM me here in forum or ingame (same name)

I can give you for free

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WTB: Art of Proper Cargo Distribution

I need this book, I have Notes on Rudder but need for Art of Ship Handling and it's starting to annoy me now that I don't have it. :)

I will pay 150 PVP Marks.

Mail me in game "Hullabaloo" if you have one to sell. Thanks

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  • 2 months later...

I have these available to trade:

  • A Treatise on Rigging Handling
  • A Treatise on Square Sails Trim
  • Book of the Void
  • Art of Ship Handling BP
  • Expert Carpentry Handbook
  • Gunnery Encyclopedia BP
  • Instructions aux Canonniers
  • The Complete Fencing Master
  • The old Flag Officer
  • Treatise on Making Saltpeter

I would like these the most (Like EVERYONE else, I guess):

  • Notes on the Best Rudder Angles
  • Art of Proper Cargo Distribution
  • Trim - Speed 4-5
  • Gunnery encyclopedia sub books
  • Fire book

I'd also take these:

  • Reinforced Masts 4-5
  • Trim - Speed 1-3
  • Trim - Turning 1-3
  • Trim - Turning 6-7
  • Steel Toolbox 1-3


If you have one of the books I want the most but you're not interested in the books I have available I'd empty my pockets to get them. I have some cash and a few pvp marks, but people ask for 10 million and 200 pvp marks, so I can seldom compete.

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On 30.1.2018 at 6:01 PM, Wraith said:


I can give you void if that somehow helps me get art of... sub books. If I find someone who offers me those we could set up a three-way deal ;)

I might even do it for speed trim 4-5...

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I can also pay a few victory marks, or pay combined with anything I have. Aren't there a bunch of bot grinders here who would love doing that and get vic marks from me?

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1 minute ago, HachiRoku said:

In all honesty, why are you still in Rakers? They are dead 

I dunno, it's silly. What's holding me back the most is nostalgia combined with the clan stuff I have that keeps me independent of the crafters in game.

I might put in the work to kill it or move it some day, especially if i can get new friends and prem ships all but frees me from eco. Doing a little port-clicking feels less terrible than grinding bots for cash, and defo takes less time, and it gives me access to almost all the good stuff for almost nothing up to half (copper) of what the eco dudes put it up for.

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I'm still REALLY looking for notes on best rudder angles. If you have one to trade, do contact me as I might have something that makes you happy.

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1 hour ago, WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot said:

As long as @jodgi is still a RAKER, they are NOT dead.

Says a lot about him wanting to keep the legacy alive than those who jump to each fresh dog that passes by.

where is he?

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