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Can Unit Characteristics go Over 100?

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Quick question that I can not figure out:  Can unit characteristics go over 100?

Often my 3 star line infantry has maxed out efficiency and firearms when they reach level 3.  At that point, if characters can not go over 100, then it would be best to simply select the "elite" upgrade to raise melee rather than waste it on the already max-out firearms stat.

I have the same problem with my skirmishers armed with snipers.  They reached level 3 but have everything maxed except stamina.



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The efficiency values are capped by the Leadership value. So if leadership is 70 and efficiency is 78, the unit fights at 70 efficiency. For very high efficiency units make sure you have the best Division Commander and Brigade Commanders you can muster. If they can't bring you leadership value above the efficiency value then you should not reinforce the units with veterans.

While getting the extra perks for 3 stars is important, it doesn't serve if your commander can't take advantage of them because he does not have the ability. The upside, of course, is that the unit does use all the other characteristics, such as stamina; which is not capped by Leadership.

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I've read multiple times that 100 is merely the max displayed value, and that the stats can indeed increase beyond that level.

LAVA brings up a good point about the Command<Efficiency situation.

What's not clear to me is whether Morale Stamina Firearms Melee ("MSFM") are affected.  I know they're not directly limited by Command the way Efficiency is.  But are MSFM influenced by Efficiency (and therefore indirectly by Command, "one step removed"?). 



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