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[PvP Caribbean] [EDARK] EliteDark Clan Recruitment POST

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I was asked to write a recruitment letter on behalf of our sister clan EliteDark [EDARK] formally known as [ELAN] on [PvP Global]. This was in direct response to the Spineless Care Bear US/GB Alliance ACT supposedly agreed to by the two Nations a few days ago.


What Is EliteDark [EDARK]…?

Is a [PvP Caribbean] GB Nation based clan. It’s the Special Operations Sister Clan to [ELITE]. Her main role is to build intelligence solutions in all four corners of the Caribbean. Assets controlled by [EDARK] have now successfully being rolled out within most major Nations.

The clan’s GCHQ is [PvP Caribbean] Aves and will have a final visible membership of three like the old [ELAN] structure. The Church of the Poison Mind [Club] empowers Norfolk nWay code signature [W] to be the current CEO of [EDARK]. He employs several GB Senior Case Officers [SCO] to run (Handle) operations or assets external to GB Nation. [SCO]’s role provides the information conduit back to GCHQ. Daniel Cray [SCO] & Iron Cavalier [SCO] both run several foreign assets of multiple Nations. Both will rejoin [EDARK] after final asset rollout and testing is completed.

[ELAN] operations had existed for quite some time on [PvP GLOBAL]. It grew very slowly from simple requests from Friends in all Nations, wanting information or unreachable resources or other types of solutions to difficult nation/clan problems.

We realized we needed a more valuable or different type of asset other than our current pool so [EDARK] will start expansion earlier than planned. This like other Intelligence agencies [W] would like to try to OW recruitment a bit like the GRU. Main objective is to get more foreign clan based assets in place. Current primes are US, Sweden and Spain.


Job Description

If you are in a Foreign Clan (no solo) of any description and a bit disillusioned or bored. [EDARK] would like to hear from you to start maybe some very low key clandestine operations. These at first will be very small information gathering and such. Nothing disruptive of any kind. With your experience of working in this new additional role then missions will become somewhat more complex in fashion. Trust build between the handler [SCO] and operative [YOU] is absolute paramount for success. This will take time.

Rewards will come and grow with each operation. However, there are risks involved. 888888 888888888888888888888 888888888888888888888888888 888888888888888888 88888888 8888888 888 88888 8 8888888888888.



So, if you fancy a new world challenge in the “Clan Wars” era give me a call or in the forums “CLUBS” The Church of the Poison Mind drop me a note.

Thank you for taking the time to read our POST  



Norfolk nChance [ELITE]


Disclaimer: EliteDark [EDARK] as no responsibility for the content written within this recruitment POST. This solely lies at the authors feet.


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14 hours ago, Norfolk nChance said:

However, there are risks involved. If caught or BURNED your Player Character [PC] could be dragged in front of the GamesLab forum Tribunal and may receive a ban (in rare cases).


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