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In preparation of part 5 (final changes) of the sailing model.

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8 hours ago, WMvD said:

Whoohooo! A "who has Bigger Balls Contest"... Do carry on..If anything, its amusing to say the least! :lol:

Would you like to share your popcorn with me? I have some drinks in the fridge. Suit yourself :)

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On 15.1.2018 at 8:07 AM, admin said:

Captains .Please review and suggest improvements to

  1. wind changes
  2. heel
  3. leeway (sideforce) and ship differences
  4. general turnrates (using rudder or yards or both)
  5. speed curves and ship difference
  6. tacking time
  7. downwind turning time

Feel free to propose buffs or debuffs if necessary

1.) Well the Wind could sometimes (e.g. every 10-15 minutes for 1-2 minutes) change turning direction, it also could simply change its rotation speed. It also could change intensity (if possible).But well, we're used to it as it is

2.) Heel ist great as it is now, maybe more different ballasts upgrade could help further customization

3.) leeway is fine now

4.) turnrates are a bit low now. Maybe for realism, but it is a bit less fun

5.) some have become real bricks...

6.) still a pain

7.) downwind turning seems to fit the rest



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Wind moves far to much. I agree with the sentiment of general wind direction in a fight with minor changes in overall direction. From real life experience, over a 12 hour period wind doesn't change from its overall direction more than 90 degrees unless a storm rolls in or your going in close to land early in the morning etc etc.

My suggestions for wind:
1: Bring back storms. A storm rolling in would cause massive wind change and would also be nice to see up to double wind strength making you actually fight against the weather to keep sailing in battle. Not suggesting this become a frequent occurrence but 1 in 10 battles has a chance of storm would be amazing.

2: Keep the wind changes small in a typical battle. If the winds South at the start it cant vary more than South West/South East for example. Reality of wind is it doesn't change much over the course of a day unless there's a storm rolling in.

3: More frequent wind changes. Lifters and headers. A nice addition could be the random minor blows you get whilst sailing. The sudden immediate minor change in wind direction hence the name lifters and headers. A header being when close hauled and the wind suddenly blows around dead on to the bow for a brief second or two causing you to bare away to not lose speed. Lifters being when the wind turns around to the beam when close hauled causing a freak amount of leeway lifting the bow away from where your point of sail allowing you to cut harder into the wind to gain speed. Sailing terms aside small occasional blows like this could make it really interesting and keep people on there toes.

4: Variable wind strength. Gusts and holes. Changes in wind strength over a battle seems more likely than a massive change in direction. Be nice to see some variable wind strengths in battles. Wind strength is something that can change fairly quickly on open seas and typically doesn't lead to a change of direction. We got all the differing levels of sail for our ships why not give us more reason to use them? Having to sail at 40% sails in a storm would be the shit. Chances of losing the top gallants due to pushing her to hard would be amazing.

Anyway well aware these are probably unrealistic suggestions but hey ho just spitballing here  :) At the very least it be nice to get storm battles back in some form in the future. There missed greatly. oh and a reduction in wind change amount either the frequency or the amount it changes.


Edited by Capt Jubal Early
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