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New Fan Site Naval Action - Tools,Wiki, Historical Ships, movies and more...

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The icp clan has created its new online presentation page, included all the help needed to support naval action players, join our wiki page, movies, the greatest warships of the time and many tools.

Come to know our page



Web Site Portuguese Language - Translate in your official language using Chrome 







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Carailhoooooo ...  (Not insult.... My wife is from North (Mirandela) and in north ...it isn t an insult ^^)

Eu ouso esperar que o presente português na ação naval jogue na nação francesa

Sardinhas e bacalhau são bem vindos, temos o vinho se quiser Ansioso por encontrar um dia uma frota portuguesa em águas navais de ação e lutar juntos ou uns contra os outros.

Traduire depuis la langue suivante : français
Essayez avec cette orthographe : .

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Ah, i found it. You need to install Portuguese language and allow translation in the advanced option :)

i really like your site! Thank you!

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