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We are recruiting,

We operate mainly from Kingston Port Royale. We do PVE/PVP, Patrol Zone Missions, Port Battles, Trade Runs, Craft Ships. We have many experienced players willing to share knowledge, helping you to level up.  If you have mature nature,  looking to have some fun in a respectful manner and without pressure, you can knock our door,

You are welcome.

Now please read below;


Dear Captains,

There is only one rule in BCC:  Teamspeak.

We ask you to join our Teamspeak and be polite. We are mostly adults and we treat all of you same way and we expect you to treat other players with respect.

We have a few thing to offer:

  1. We will build all ships for clan mates. You have to deliver only the ship permit and required dubloons for crafting.
  2. We deliver all consumables: rum, hull and rig repairs.
  3. We will help you to level up. We try to find skillbooks etc. for your level.
  4. We are willing to help you as much as possible with all other issues if you may need it.

What you may offer us if you like:

  1. Join us on teamspeak on voice378.ismett.de and talk to us.
  2. Help improving our clan.
  3. Supplying resources so we can craft.
  4. Help to craft by supplying hours and craft components.
  5. You can join port battles, patrol zones or pve/pvp actions.

You can Contact us in game: Felix Victor, Pompeyck, AeRoTR, Yellow Allien, Bandy, Aleksander, 45thN Saltpetre

nation teamspeak:

website: https://bccnavalaction.wordpress.com/

forum: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/

application: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/7/application

bcc discord: BCC (British Captain's Club) https://discord.gg/EkKgPMF


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officers addition
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4 hours ago, Cabral said:

 I hope you have many experienced pvp members because after your announcement here saying that you have many outposts around Gracias a Dios, you gonna get more content from now on.

Few hours after post, I could see the benefits ;)

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