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A new look at Hostilities

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Basically the exact same thing we have now, except instead of pulling a mission and going to fight AI, a missions is pulled, an announcement is made. From the time the first attacker gets into the battle, a 5 minute pre battle timer counts down. This gives 5 minutes of the defenders to assemble a fleet, and meet with the attackers. Each defender that shows will be placed near their friendly 10 AI whatever ships, until their side become full in which the AI's will be replaced with player ships. Once the timer counts down to 0 the battle starts and the two sides can go at it.

Why do I think this a good idea? Hostilities don't give time to defenders to defend. Usually the way its done all 4 hostility missions are popped at once, by the time you get the notification the battles may be finishing up, and even if you do manage to jump 1 hostility mission the others can finish and set the PB. Not only that but as an RVR focused objective, hostilities don't do a great job of promoting PVP and haven't improved much from pre hostility mission time where AI and player ships were hunted on OW to raise %

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Thought You might have been Sick you not posted a new topic in like 2 days.

    This not so bad but I still think open forever missions "that are marked on map"  Would be better.

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