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some 9 pounder frigates moved to rank 6 ( La Renomee, Cerberus ) some 24 pounders frigate moved to rank 4 ( Leopard, United States, Constitution )    

Can we have a thing that shows us, what books we currenty have applied to the ship at sea?

We actually implemented a lot from community feedback.  What about this?       Its just from the first page of this topic. All of these were implemented We are curren

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A visual thing i would like to be added is that if ships come a certain distance from each other the crew should start firing muskets at each other, this should not have any real impact on crew damage and could just be purely aesthetic but as of right now it feels kinda empty when ships come right up to each other and nothing happens.

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had a thought you could add to the game a Whaling ship with whaling spots in the open ocean which people can take to ports and sell and people can raid the whaling ships on their way home. think it could be a cool addition to the trading side of the game

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I would like if other ships could not be identified until they get close enough to "see the colours"; this means you can click on a far away ship but will not see if it's a player or AI unless it gets a bit closer. This provides more exitement than the system as it is. You will have to watch the ships more closely ....

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1 hour ago, mikawa said:

I would like if other ships could not be identified until they get close enough to "see the colours"; this means you can click on a far away ship but will not see if it's a player or AI unless it gets a bit closer. This provides more exitement than the system as it is. You will have to watch the ships more closely ....

Would sure be interesting... flags are not displayed in OW for performance issues i believe...

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I would love to see a tavern in each town where we can sit at a table together, discussing the latest news and making plans on a map, where to go, what to gank or whom to raid -- just for atmosphere's sake.

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On 7/6/2017 at 4:54 PM, Digital Wind said:

I love this idea!  As a crafter, I would love to be able to name the ships I give my clanmates and torture them endlessly with 8 year-old immature jokes. :3

Not being sarcastic.

A myriad of Boaty Mac Boat face's

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I would really like to see more keybinds to the default F5 key (stop reloading). 

As is now you must aim with the mouse to port, starboard, stern & bow side and press F5 to stop reloading and manage the crew to other guns. 

It would be a lot easier to just press a button (F5   Stern) (F6 port) (F7 starboard) (F8 bow) to manage gun crew and keep a better insight to manouvering your ship, instead of aiming all over place with your mouse? 

As always with a big please ofcourse and my thanks in advance. 


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On 25/07/2017 at 0:22 AM, Malice_s said:



This is only a proposal.

I know that there will be haters and supporters to this – let the chips fall where they may.


I propose to change the pirate in a fundamental way to make them a more historically correct force and to offer a completely different game play option to Naval Action than the other nations. Making the Pirates uniquely different.


To do this these are the following proposed changes;


  • Historically Pirates were the only faction that would attack traders even the major nations did not treat traders as military targets. I propose that the pirates are the only faction that can attack traders both AI and Player traders.


  • Pirates can cap the trader ships (including AI) and flag it to their cause, sell it or break it down to supplement their crafting of new ships. (teak possibly needed on the materials a broken down ship supply)


  • They can while wearing the black never sail more than a fourth rate.


  • They can hold a letter of marque off any of the other nations and once they have this they can participate in the line-ship port battles and all game play that the other nations have.


  • They can raid any shallow water port (not capital and do not capture a region by doing this) and turn this into a forward operating base (FOB) at any time with no notification to the targeted nation until the next down time – at which time this port will be clearly marked on the world map as pirate controlled. This town will be marked in open world as captains sail to it as contested prior to downtime (so traders and other players have to pay attention). This port will then follow normal port battle proceedings, the pirate nation may possibly hold a limited number of these FOB's (number could be determined by community). But supporting a large number of these may be a logistical challenge for the pirate community so maybe a number is not needed therefore making every shallow water port susceptible (this would be more historically correct). This way they can affect all nations equally.


  • Pirates like the rest cannot have outposts in free ports,


  • This proposal may change the loot requirements off traders so that the pirates can sustain a ship building and trading market to make gold.


  • With a letter of marque a pirate can play as that nation. He cannot attack same nation traders but can attack any other nations traders.


  • In open world a Pirate under letter of marque is only designated by the word privateer in his title (like a contraband title).


  • This means pirates can have arrangements with nations to cripple production of other nations with with a mercenary flavour. (they may even find a way to play both sides for a profit – Pirates remember)


  • Attacking a trader does not drag in same nation ships, or opposing nation ships. Though when a trader battle forms either nation can join the battle as per normal, this can remain the same even if the pirate is wearing black or the colours he has under with a letter of marque.


  • Pirates can attack any war ships and normal BR counts take affect, even when under a letter of marque.(though not the same nation when under letter of marque).


  • All shallow water ship blueprints are available to the pirate nation, marks system to remain the same.


  • The pirates can establish outposts in any pirate controlled port (after downtime for any port captured by a raid.)


  • They cannot farm but can have workshops and shipyards. (same mechanics and pricing as current game play), their supplies being determined buy raiding traders. (as mentioned earlier this may mean the loot of traders has to be tweaked). They can sell any of the loot at any port either with a smugglers tag while wearing the black or under a letter of marque as per normal trader function currently in game.


  • Trader loot tweak to include modules to do with speed and sails modifications to be a random drop on AI and a possibility to drop if a player has them installed (low chance). Loot to include same current chances to books and ship knowledges off AI.


  • Rank progression for pirates – they can still mission up to fourth rates as per current game play to gain experience (XP). After this they have a choice the faster option being under a letter of marque to then mission as per a other nations or slower option while wearing the black by continuing with missions at fourth rate being the highest available, this caters to those pirates that never want to wear the colours of another nation under marque. All other streams of XP gain to remain available to those wearing black. Raids can then also offer an XP increase for these players as well.


While I may not have covered all the challenges that this game offers and if there are further additions let the community decide, this is meant as an opportunity to make a completely different gaming style for those wearing black.


I believe with these changes it will offer an alternative and a more historical and challenging role to the Pirate style and how they can control the game balances.


While the Pirates will never own great tracts of ports, this will offer more than enough challenge and chance to influence the game through an alternative game play option to the other nations.


This is only an idea and may have merit or it may not as said before let the chips fall where they may.



When can we have this?

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My Tuppence worth:

Many no doubt previously covered in the 63 preceding pages, apologies for duplication and lazy failure to read and assimilate all.

1. Gunports should be closed in OW by default: "Clearing for action"; ports opening, guns running out, martial drumming etc could merely be an automated animation consequent on entering combat or it could be a more exciting mechanic, perhaps a button in OW. Running permanently cleared for action might have a negative consequence i.e speed (Survivability, if heavy weather ever implemented) or instead might be limited by the need for a cool down. Failure to clear for action in a timely fashion might have a negative consequence as combat opens i.e. a longer time to a state of gunnery/boarding preparedness which might allow your more alert opponent time for an unopposed broadside.

2. Weather:

i. Storms, variable effect on classes and sizes of ship, the possibility of wreck on an iron bound lee shore, the need to reef or run to a sheltered bay. Yay for danger!

ii.Modelling of randomly generated low/high pressure systems migrating across map with wind direction and speeds following the physics.

 3. Some sense of which direction you are pointing the telescope. I would suggest a faint line/sector on the compass display to show the direction of view/camera angle. That means that when you lower the scope and the POV rubber band pings you back to whatever direction you were previously facing you don't immediately lose sight or sense of position on that promising/threatening sail on the horizon. This would also allow players to take approximate fixes on land features to slightly improve guesstronavigation. (Cutting the rubber band might be ok too!)

4.Stars (and planets) by night, and a sextant to use them by.

Thank you for your comments and consideration.

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And another thing....

Maybe the Depower function should be on only as long as you are actively pressing it (with a rudder-like double tap to hold option). Thoughts?

This would certainly help me not to loose ships by getting stuck in irons, depowered, having forgotten to take it off after taking my last shot, ineffectively flailing the yards and rudder wondering why nothing was happening whilst being blasted to toothpicks by the circling wolves! Doh Doh Doh!!!

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47 minutes ago, EL LOCO said:

make the trader snow worth sailing.  Should be as fast as a normal snow.   its slow at 10.97        no one sails it

I don't think this is important tbh... ship balance is non existent anyways and there are many ships not worth sailing over others except for different models...

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New to the forum so apologies if this has already being mentioned but I would like the option of being able to choose what shot my guns are loaded with at the start of a battle, I think that the prepared perk is unrealistic because at the start of every battle the ships would start with guns already loaded. I like to give an opposition ship a few broadsides of chain shot to slow them down first before going to work on the hull/crew.

Also would it not be possible to use the arrow keys to jump straight to the aiming view rather than scrolling round with the mouse and right clicking? When fighting close quarters it would be easier to press left arrow to switch to left broadside take an aimed shot at one ship then say down arrow to switch to stern view and take a shot. Hope that makes sense.

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