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some 9 pounder frigates moved to rank 6 ( La Renomee, Cerberus ) some 24 pounders frigate moved to rank 4 ( Leopard, United States, Constitution )    

Can we have a thing that shows us, what books we currenty have applied to the ship at sea?

We actually implemented a lot from community feedback.  What about this?       Its just from the first page of this topic. All of these were implemented We are curren

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I once suggested that we should have different sizes of upgrades, so that the MGNs are not the only ones used to craft upgrades.  LGNs used for small upgrade size, that are used with the small ships etc.


I am not saying that would be a bad idea, but maybe faster to implement option could be...


Some upgrades need LGNs, others MGNs, and some HGNs.  This way you only have to update the upgrade recipes.  The target, that all the notes would be more or less equally important in the end game, this would pretty much be achieved with this change as well.

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I hover over a ship and the ship details go under the chat window.


In one way good but...  I hover on the ship to actually see the details, so the pointed/activated object should be on top.


I know you make a new UI later..  I suppose this "little thing" is for the future.

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it would be nice to paint your own flags and even the long streamers atop the ships or send parties ashore to hunt animals or hunt bigger fish like whales like in assassins creed blackflag i know a few who would love it and even to name there ship like one Spanish player i know who wants to name his ship the sea bunny it would be nice if these were future implements.


i also know of a ship that would be nice to add is a steam ship the old type seen in the late 1800s perhaps made so it requires coal to run as the ship was basically a 4rth rate frigate type with 2 large wheels on both sides and a large furnace in the center as many are having a hard time with the wind or even make it so it randomly jumps directions on the compass wheel.



8/12/16 update


Ok so i have one more thing to add for now i just got bombarded by 12 players who say having a mermaid on the bow of there ship would be nice with long red hair and 7 of them also said without a top (if you catch my meaning) like the Santa Cecilia i don't know if its appropriate on here i am just repeating what they suggested.


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Hi and thanks for make this great game.


I think you could add more types of officers to help. Quartermaster, for trade, first oficial for battles, oficial doctor to retrieve crew...

On the other hand when using my telescope in open world, I wish there were a compass to tell me the direction in which i look. Thank you.

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I think you could add more types of officers to help. Quartermaster, for trade, first oficial for battles, oficial doctor to retrieve crew...

On the other hand when using my telescope in open world, I wish there were a compass to tell me the direction in which i look. Thank you.


Very good ideas IMHO!

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There is 2min timer before the battle is closed.

After exiting a port, you have 2min timer.

The port gank is still working, as people exit the port when one guy starts to tag.  Probably should increase a bit the port exit timer.


Also, everyone in the circle should go in the battle, even if you had the timer on.




If the BR rate is not in balance, players can join the battle even after the timer "battle closed" timer, to balance it.  Nationality should be the right ones.  This way 5 player gank fleets will turn easily to actually good PvP matches.


The ships that sank, escaped or surrendered, are still calculated to this BR rate.


You should not be able to join a battle after the timer, if your BR will increase the BR so that your side has higher BR.  Can join only, if equal or less the enemy BR.


5vs1 gank teams would need to actually l2p.

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ok .. maybe it has been covered already .. dunno .. but here are a few more...


1) ability to obtain more than just 8 Out Post's. (Propose to just keep doubling the price for each additional OP)... limiting to just 8 is ...well, just limiting.


2) Please cut back on the length of storms - I spent more time yesterday (6 out of 10 hours) in storms that seem to have no end in sight ... had to get to a port, and transport clear across the map to get sunnier weather.. where after about 30 minutes.. another freaking storm!


3)  Reduce distance to travel for wrecks  - Previous patch was to make amends about players having to go through enemy territory to get to wrecks, and across map transits for the same. Then the latest patch totally negated that in spades ... causing the searching player to trek over 10+ grids to their next wreck. My longest trip thus far was nearly 19 grids. Opened bottle south of Brunswick.. and had to traverse to 2 grids from Bermuda! (IE "Grid" = box at MOST "zoomed in look" at map.


4) Inactivity kick ---- I don't mind the sailing part ..really I don't..... but here is another off-shoot issue with that .... you plot a course (due to the length involved) it takes you over 2 plus hours to arrive at your destination .. but in the meantime, unless you wiggle something on your keyboard or mouse ... the game will eject you for "inactivity" after only 15 minutes.. What gives??.. there is no shuffleboard or casino on my ship ... so how am I supposed to "occupy" myself on these long ventures ... other than set a course and go find something else to do. Case in point (the aforementioned wreck near Bermuda) Took 2+ hours to get to (due to storms and wind) ... in which I was kicked no fewer than 4 times (due to inactivity - sorry I feel asleep two of those times) -- but I never needed a course correction.


5) Smugglers tag --- This should make every player look like an AI to everyone else. I propose that a player who is traveling as a smuggler only have his Nationality and ship type registered (and the "contrabands goods found" statement)  seen in the description block when selected in the OW, by another player.

    - UNLESS! -- that smuggler player was just in a battle (with another player) in which his true identity was found out -- then it should be displayed for all to see, until he makes port-call again.



    - yeah -- I like this a lot. Gives a lot to the incognito aspect of smuggling. Plus if you get chased into one of your OP ports, you could change ships, and leave... maybe while everyone was looking for the original type of vessel to reappear.

    -  As for Pirates --- well, reckon there would be no difference between being a pirate.... and being ....well, a pirate. (meaning - this would not pertain to them, as they are ALWAYS Pirates! Name/rank and all .... at all times) 

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The ability to set your sails manually as you wish:


Key mapping could be like this:


"1" for bow sprit

"2" for Foremast

"3" for Main mast

"4" for mizzen mast


Then assign a key A-Z for each individual sail.


Q&E still controls the foremast yards.

Z&C still controls the mizzen and main yards.

T still controls the staysails.


So say I would like to set the Staysails together with the spritsail, royals on each mast and spanker, the keys would be like the following:

T for staysails

1-D for spritsail

2-A Royal on foremast

3-A Royal on mainmast

4-A Royal on mizzen mast

4-E Spanker


It could be done like the current dropdown menus, maybe pressing Ctrl+S will put you into sail setting mode, giving options 1-4 being the masts, when the respective mast is selected, it could be 1-5 or A-E for example for the individual sail. Could be interesting to see something like this especially when wind strength gets introduced.


It would make the sailing experience in the game allot more challenging and exciting! You will never see ships in the open world again sailing upwind with full canvas. Typically when a ship was close hauled, not much more than the staysails was set, because the square sails will actually counter the effects of the staysails.


Would also love to see studding sails (If the module is equipped) and being able to set studding sails should you have them available ofc.

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Hi. Other good idea could be a Little tutorial for the begginers. I suppose you are thinking in it.


The tutorial will explain how to sail. What can you do when you travel from one harbour to other. What can you do in a harbour. How to buy and sell. How the crafting is. And of course the battles and how to move your sails in battle and to use the cannons...

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