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The PvE server deserves a name too

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1 hour ago, jodgi said:

Hah! I actually thought "Placid" was a sneaky jab.

Me too...:)


Lake Placid is a beautiful place in Upstate New York with the distinction of hosting two Winter Olympics (1932 and 1980).  Similarly, it conveys the idea of "peace" without suggesting that a different portion of the map is opened up.

"Placid" might not be what PvE-ers look for on that server first. Still waiting for AI aggressiveness btw... (but who am I...)


btw Jodgi, I was expecting more fun from your own 'sneaky jab' :P Not your best one. Me sad.:D

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2 hours ago, LeBoiteux said:

Not your best one.

I've grown soft. The PVE server can get all the love in the world, I never minded... wondered but never minded.

I'll save my sadness, frustration and outrage for all the pve stuff on pvp server.

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