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Once upon a time the developers proclaimed that you cannot hack/ cheat in this game, "because the client only renders the world and registers your input. All calculations are done on the server."

And yet, I've got reports from players that have 1000+ hours into this game and are experienced players of very strange things happening when in battle against certain individuals.

These occurrences include but are not limited to:

  • Crew assignment changing to repairs, or guns being disabled.
  • Sails being depowered or set to 0%.
  • The ship not responding to any player input via keyboard, total loss of control of the ship.


So, if the developers keep their stance that the game cannot be hacked, then the only conclusion can be that the hackers are the developers themselves.

This would make a certain amount of sense, since they have the tools and more direct access to the server than regular players.


So, @admin@Ink ,myself and my fellow captains would like an explanation for this.

With the recent changes to the game, it looks as if you're trying to kill this game as quickly as possible and these "impossible" hacks are contributing to this.

I've heard rumors that this game might be "finished" in your opinion and that another project might be in the pipeline.


If this is the case, grow some balls and at least admit it and don't hide behind these game-changing decisions that most of the players hate.

I'd hate to spend all my time in a game that is essentially, going nowhere, or rather backwards.



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any video material of those "cheats" ? I've got 4500 hours and have not seen a single cheater / anything suspicious

Only thing I've seen was the reload bug where your guns wouldnt reload even though you had full crew on them (which happened mostly in the PvE challenge), but obviously that was a glitch / bug and not a cheat lol

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Submit full battle videos and full details to the devs whenever bringing something like this.

Make connection tests to ensure it is not desynch problems on your side.

Street word is meaningless.


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