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I've seen this thing on Steam for awards for this and that rewarding perfect attendance with an orange slice. But I haven't seen any nominations for Ultimate General: Civil War. So I thought I'd take the initiative. 

Anyone who knows me knows I have a wish list of things I'd like to change about this game. However, I have an even longer list of things I truly enjoy about this ground breaking game. 

First, the fluidity of movement is unlike anything I've ever seen. Miniatures will always be my preferred gaming style, but UG:CW is miniatures come to live. 

Second, the visual appeal is mesmerizing. The beautiful maps that degrade with combat over time? Captivating. 

Third, I've watched the evolution of the AI from Shiloh onward, rather amazing how well the AI replicates the manoeuvres of a battlefield of the War of the Rebellion. 

Ergo. I am proud to announce that the 'Andre' for 2017 is awarded to @Nick Thomadis and @sternerfor best game of the year. This prestigious award is worth nothing, and this post is barely worth reading, but that being said, hell of a great game.

I am looking to more of the same in 2018!

Merry Christmas, and God Bless Us; Everyone

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Hell of a great game, agree! Suddenly after spending that many hours on this wonderful game, having completed both campaigns... i feel i have lost something :(
i dare not to start a new campaign on hard/legendary mode because i feel like i am going to fail big time.

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