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(actually the Pretzels are out)


C A P T A I N S ! ! !

Globals, Nightflippers, War Heroes! Sweden is calling for reinforcements. If there is one thing for sure, its that numbers always win! This is why we need YOU*, to continue our Swerging across the Carribean. But why would you join our nation, except for that shameless clickbait title?

We offer the following:

  • a unified and totally toxic free community between all clans (guaranteed!)
  • if you have an idea to attack something, just ask around! when you need help, the nation will be at your side!
  • one giant TS-Server for all swedish players, with open channels for new players, verified swedish channels for joint operations, and clan channels for even the smallest 1 man clans
  • ports everywhere! we have footholdings everywhere around the map, so theres many opportunities to go hunt and search for OW PvP
  • exceptional RvR organization! every player can list himself as an participant in a PB spreadsheet. Inexperienced players are always welcome to join!
  • many veteran players able to teach you every tiny trick there is to know, from the choice of woods and upgrades to the actual in battle maneuvres

Political/tactical situation:

  • targets: ALL
  • allies: NONE
  • reintroduction of timers will probably lead to the abandoning of strategically meaningless ports
  • we are expecting a lot of PvP and RvR with other nations in the near future; especially Russia and France as they will gain a lot of new players


Im hoping to see you soon(TM)!



*Globals, Nightflippers, War Heroes

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