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Yet another map which uses the in-game map and live data: na-map. I hope this map is useful and I am happy to receive any feedback (bugs, feature requests). Source on github. Changelog

v8.7 2019-03-30 new: loot and chest data added (#35) added: ship compare with hard caps (#69) updated: ship data (Rättvisan, Pandora, Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake heavy, Le Requin – #1

Preview of the upcoming improved trade tool. Trades between George Town and Remedios (see below for a screen shot), take for example "Textile Machinery (13k/12)": Textile machinery: item dr

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@Felix Victor

maybe I’m blind, but I don’t think it is possible to see on the map additional development points invested in a town, but only the starting value (i.e. 55 points for Vera Cruz, yet Russian clans have invested for more points)

Is this data available somewhere?

Cheers and very nice and useful map!

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Hi Felix, 

its possible to add Labor Contracts to the List "Admiralty items and recipes"? 




In the "List --> Buildings" overview it is listed as (Extra) Labour Contracts. No idea what the correct writing is , with "Extra" or without :D 


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@Felix Victor if you don't mind me asking, as I'm sure you're probably the only person outside of the devs that know this, what's the scale of your map? Just how far apart, in the game's odd mix of real world units, is 2000,2000 from 2001,2000?


I ask this because I've been trying to make sense out of the game's distances, i.e., just how large are the PB circles are, how far from "zero" the actual PB circle is drawn, etc. I have being doing measurements using your coordinate system (which, I absolutely must compliment you on its elegance) but it would be great to have an actual scale for translate it into something other than "NAMap Units".

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10 hours ago, Eduard L'Aquila said:

@Felix Victor how large are the PB circles are, how far from "zero" the actual PB circle is drawn

With PB circles you mean the join circles?

  • size: my estimates are 14 and 28 pixels
  • position: 5 pixels away from port in the direction indicated in API data (rotation)
const getJoinCircle = (id: number, rotation: number): Point => {
    const { x: x0, y: y0 } = apiPortPos.get(id)!
    const distance = 5
    const degrees = degreesHalfCircle - rotation
    const radians = (degrees * Math.PI) / degreesHalfCircle
    const x1 = Math.trunc(x0 + distance * Math.sin(radians))
    const y1 = Math.trunc(y0 + distance * Math.cos(radians))

    return [x1, y1]

Calculated data is here: https://github.com/felixvictor/na-map/blob/master/src/lib/gen-generic/pb-zones.json

Edited by Felix Victor
Link to json added
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On 8/21/2020 at 7:50 PM, Felix Victor said:

v10.10.2 2020-08-21

  • missing link patch

Thanks as always!

About the max thickness cap, once again looks like 50% is either not enough or there is not cap at all. 

Currently this built on the site is capped at 150.


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38 minutes ago, Felix Victor said:

v10.11 2020-08-23

  • list cannons: cannon families are (un-)selectable

Edinorog guns seem to be missing now, also Turn Rate in Ship List is saying Not a Number for every ship

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26 minutes ago, Elric said:

The X and Y circles on each port - are these the AI spawn points for Raider PB's?  Your github documentation does not mention these.


Make sure that you have "All raid" on, the X and Y is for teleport spawnpoints.


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