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Yet another map which uses the in-game map and live data: na-map. I hope this map is useful and I am happy to receive any feedback (bugs, feature requests). Source on github. Changelog

v8.7 2019-03-30 new: loot and chest data added (#35) added: ship compare with hard caps (#69) updated: ship data (Rättvisan, Pandora, Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake heavy, Le Requin – #1

Preview of the upcoming improved trade tool. Trades between George Town and Remedios (see below for a screen shot), take for example "Textile Machinery (13k/12)": Textile machinery: item dr

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1 hour ago, Felix Victor said:

v10.4.2 2020-06-22

  • Port raid zones added for PvE server
  • ship blueprints corrected
  • ship compare: thickness cap is 50% now

any reason you can think of why it still wont fully load for me?


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8 minutes ago, Felix Victor said:

v10.7.4 2020-07-23

  • patch 2020-07-23


Dude you are a legend! One proposal: since the new stats are more sophisticated, i would like to have one more decimal for the repair amount (for the woods and for the upgrades/trims)

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