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[Caribbean Server] Southern Dutch-lands Needs YOU!

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    Are you tired of the same nations dominating the world? Are you up for a challenge? Are you wanting to start a life of a new adventure to bring glory to one of the most under rated, under played nations in the server?

    Then the Dutch, (Verenigde Provinciën), is for you! 


    This glorious nation under constant pressure from the south eastern French Empire, and Northern British trade wars was a critical part of this time period that is greatly mis-represented in the current game. One of the first true Trade Empires the Dutch West Indies Company forged massive wealth through their charter. Their fleet was more than ample to protect their wealth from the scourge of raiders and traitors.

    Forged by the victories of the legendary Admiral De Ruyter over both Britain and France, saving the southern provinces from certain conquest, the Dutch Navy pre Naval Action time period was truly a force to be reckoned with. With their creation of the Marine, the dutch ruled the seas for almost a century prior to the naval action time period. Due to several events, corruption, and collaboration from all fronts the old dutch navy soon fell victim to becoming out of date and out numbered. Yet during the naval action time period the Dutch trade influence was still massive due to both the west and east indies. However in current standings the dutch, which certainly were more dominant than the Swedish, Russians, Danish, Prussians, and pirates in real life, are faced by low population and as such an underwhelming nation. 


    Russia, Sweden, France, Britain, these larger nations are not for the player looking to be the underdog. The Verenigde Provinciën is! Truly the southern most starting nation, and with a low population, the challenge is set, but are you ready to take it in arms, to create an empire out of the ashes of our fallen dutch breathern? 


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Thanks alot for making this OneEyedSnake!

For those interested in joining the Dutch, if you have any questions or simply want to have a quick talk, pm Thonys, OneEyedSnake or me, or come to the ts the PvP 1 EU server VP is using now. 

our ts info: ts.gamers-united.net

just poke someone with an admin tag or with a National diplomat tag, if you need something.

I hope to see you in with a fancy Dutch flag after the merge! :) 

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