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[Caribbean server] Join Russia, Join the Empire!

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With the upcoming #servermerge the players on Global are presented with a great choice: What flag will you hoist? What nation will you fight for?   You may be getting a raw deal with being

But your signature is still danish. Traitor to the glorious motherland! To gulag with you! blyat! 

A major component of the anti-night flip and pro split rants were the fact that some nations/players felt like the spread of US based (aka night flippers) folks was too centralized in only 2-3 nations

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7 minutes ago, Palatinose said:

Heard the "Vodka rations" skill book has a 30% penalty on precision tho...

True, vodka rations may give a 30% penalty for precision, but vodka rations also gives a 30% bonus to crew/health.

Men who are already pickled in vodka will not realize they are hurt (or even dead) and will continue fighting.   


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24 minutes ago, troody said:

? on my screen i see a russian flag and no "available for all"  -  dunno what ur definiton of "liberating" is...

Need to refurnish the place before we can invite guests over. Right now we're trying to disassemble the furniture so we can pack it down and return it, but these instruction manuals that were left behind are all unintelligible...

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